Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, October 24, 2005


Here, I won’t even say anything:

Question of values?

Once again a conservative beats around the bush of a question posed by his own words (like Donald Rumsfeld's Q & A routine).

John Tierney proposes in his own article that a possible reason conservatives are not commonly in academia is because conservatives "do not care about the social good."

Yet in the article he does nothing to disprove the idea. He simply rambles on about a few experiences he has had and how the concept of having few conservatives on a college campus is bad for the discussion of ideas.

Surely this is true, but am I wrong in thinking that conservatives' (if not at least Republicans') core value is to suppress the common for the gain and sustainability of the elite? It's a philosophy that goes against the very grain of what a public learning institution is all about.

On that note I think it would be rather difficult for a professor to try to get a job when his personal philosophy allows him to only work for elite private colleges.

Maybe that is the reason for the 7-to-1 ratio he mentions.


Oh, okay, I’ll give you a hint. Start with the words, “but am I wrong in thinking that…”

Jeez, this guy’s walking around with a “kick me” sign. Dork-o-rama, man.

Update: Corrected the letters in the headline initials. Reflected on the effictiveness of me stating someone else is a dork.