Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Good Example...

...of what I was referring to two posts down, that phenomenon of left-leaning letter-writers to the Strib who would benefit from glancing over at reality before exposing their sarcastic outrage all over the public square:

The Bush sense of humor

How delightfully creative is our President Bush!
First he fills the top emergency management job with someone with absolutely no emergency experience.
Then he nominates to the Supreme Court a person who has absolutely no experience as a judge.
Gotta love old George -- what a wild and wacky guy!

Geoff Brown, Deephaven.

From the same paper, the same day:

Not a judge? Not a rarity for the court
Eric Black, Star Tribune
October 4, 2005

If confirmed, Harriet Miers will be the only member of the current Supreme Court without previous experience as a judge.
But she will hardly be the first.
The late Chief Justice William Rehnquist was nominated in 1971 without judicial experience. Since then, nine justices have been confirmed. All were appeals court judges when they were appointed.
But if you jump to the decades before Rehnquist, the non-judge Supreme Court nominee was common. Of the 12 justices immediately preceding Rehnquist, five -- Justices Lewis Powell, Abe Fortas, Arthur Goldberg, Byron White and Chief Justice Earl Warren -- had never been judges.

So the "she hasn't been a judge" outrage, taken by itself, which I would submit is more than fair as it is the only Miers-related point in Mr. Brown's very confident letter, is - well - not an issue. In fact given the last two names on that list, one could make a case that failure to be a judge might be a characteristic liberals would yearn for, as emblematic of past glories.

In short: Geoff Brown of Deephaven, an orgasmically wealthy Lake Minnetonka enclave of inherited wealth, food company executives and corporate lawyers in possession of far too many 12-year-old sons on Jet-skis, yet for some reason I see a lot of these letters from out in that general area, perhaps "inherited wealth" is a factor, has written himself a damn stupid letter. And gotten it published! Congratulations, sir. Now go clean up after yourself.