Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today's Stupid Liberal Letter in the Star-Tribune

The latest in a series I seem to have introduced with this post and then continued here, a letter published today:

Teen's right to choose

The parents of a 17-year-old are suing Planned Parenthood for performing an abortion on her without informing them, and a judge has found that the organization violated Minnesota's parental notification law (Oct. 13).

If a girl is old enough to become pregnant, then she is old enough to make up her own mind. The Legislature should be ashamed for passing such a cruel law, which puts such a heavy burden on a young person who is already in a desperate situation.


Okay, it’s a defensible proposition, that a girl old enough to be pregnant is old enough to make up her own mind on an abortion. Where the letter becomes stupid is in the writer’s evident eagerness to believe that her perception is completely, 100% obvious – that even a 13-year-old girl, say, should always be left to her own devices on this decision, if she herself deems it necessary, since she is old enough to become pregnant – and "obvious" allows a writer (some writers) to indulge in language like “ashamed” and “cruel.”

It’s a pattern in left thinking you see over and: arrive at a defensible position, transform it (shazam!) into the only acceptable moral position, and begin to perceive those who disagree as beneath any possible conception of morality and therefore a reasonable, moral person must not only disagree but refuse to entertain such digusting arguments anymore.

Still I wonder: does Shirley Ann Hall even agree, really, with her own thesis? Maybe I'll call her and find out. Heck, she's old enough to write a letter; she's obviously old enough to handle the consequences of such a decision.