Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, October 10, 2005

How Strange

I wanted to add a little sentence to my "profile" page for the first time, and then that sentence appeared up top, as you see. (Note: that's gone now; see below.) That seems dumb. And now even when I edit the profile to get rid of it, it's still there. Hm. I'm going to bed.

Oh wait. The sentence is gone, but the blaring ABOUT ME is still there.

Good night.

UPDATE: I changed my template, and the blaring "about me" is gone. But the links are over on the left, instead of the right, negating my efforts from long ago when I ventured into the "templates" chaos and managed to switch them. I guess it's okay for now. (Note: also different now; see below.)

Maybe I'm missing something - it happens - but it does seem to me Blogger could make it easier to make basic switches like that, and adding links and new sidebars and all. I'm easily panicked when it comes to fooling around with computer language.

UPDATE 2: Hey, another new template and an entirely new look! I kind of like this. Unfortunately, my blog has become entirely about my difficulty blogging. Is that a viable business?

UPDATE 3: My old template didn't have a built-in "links" feature. My attempts to add it, following Blogger's instructions, failed. (Think of Carter's hostage rescue mission in the desert outside Tehran. Or John Kruk bailing pitifully against Randy Johnson at the All-Star game that one year. I failed to that degree.) However, I think once you have a links feature, like my new template does, it's pretty easy to add new ones. We'll see.

UPDATE 4: It was 1993, Kruk's famous flailing All-Star at-bat. (Disturbing bit of news from that Wikipedia entry: you can get testicular cancer from a blow to the groin? Man. "Things That Can Kill You," #232.)