Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, October 03, 2005

CNN Headline of the Day

Man - speaking truth to power is a nice gig!

Peter Jennings leaves $50 million estate

I refer of course to Dan Rather's recent tear-stained
formulation of journalism's Mission. See also here for a nice analysis of the phrase, which shares credit and royalty checks with "Question Authority" in helping the left define and limit its mission. (That's what leads to absurd bumper stickers like this one.)

It's also a good opportunity once again to direct attention to this
essay, a doorway to another universe, where ideas about power, who has it and its oppressive uses, are all twirly-birly. A tidbit:

...some of our most prestigious correspondents have occasionally remarked that the only favoritism they harbor is toward the weak or toward the victims in any crisis. That may do in church, but it does not necessarily lead to trustworthy analysis.