Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Too Am Not Thrilled With The Hip-Hop NBA

Or whatever you might label the prevailing attire and attitude the (tall) kids are sporting nowadays.

But is mandated “business casual” really the best solution? First and most obviously, I resist the assumption that if you don’t like hip-hop, you automatically love business casual. As if I see guys dressed in business casual and my first response is to start figuring out ways to give them money so they can insure me or audit me or give me ISO 9001 Certification. (Actually I do but that’s just me.)

Will this be taken as one more example of the White Man crushing the soul and identity of the Black Man (yes); and is it that? Will this then result in a perverse and subversive form of business casual taking over the streets of our inner cities: has David Stern ushered in a full-blown return to the zoot suit era?

Maybe that wouldn’t be bad, but I can’t believe it’s what he intends.

(Note: new better zoot suit link available now at same low price.)