Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Especially for People From Minneapolis

The White Sox, of Chicago, are currently play the Red Sox, of Boston, in a divisional play-off series. I was heard to remark to my lovely wife this evening, "Hey, you could call it the R.T. Rybak series!" She agreed, it was a heck of a swell line.

(R.T. Rybak is mayor of Minneapolis. His trademark is that he wears, see, socks of different colors. Although I couldn't find any photos of the reality.

(I understand that if you're not from around here, this may be slightly less delightful a gag, and now it's burdened by the weight of wearisome explanation. But for anyone from Minneapolis, I guarantee they're chortling and hooting and wiping their brows still. "The R.T. Rybak series! That's hilarious!" Were I at an open stage - and everyone was drunk and in a good mood already - I'd be serenaded by whistles and cheers and claps on the back as I made my back to my scotch on the rocks back at the bar.

(I think. The part of that fantasy that would definitely occur is the part about the scotch on the rocks.)