Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why I Am Not a Liberal #6,598

Words from the martyr Mary Mapes, Sixty Minutes ex-producer, again via Powerline (yes I range far for my raw material, the better to serve you the reader):

"On Web sites such as Powerline, INDC Journal, Allahpundit, and Spacetownusa, the bravehearts of the blogging world worked anonymously in what appeared to be huge numbers, in unison, to destroy the Bush-Guard story, to uphold one another's wild and hateful claims, to outshout, outargue, and outblog anyone who dared to disagree. "

The left accuses the right of rank dishonesty, and of employing hateful, vilifying language and tactics. I say: Left, there it is, right there. Soak in it. Taste it. Realize it. Know it.

I do have a mind that multiplies the smallest matter, of course.

Update: A good string of amazed, bemused comments here. I gather her book provides quite a supply of direct and specific nonsense to back up the generalized carpet-bombing nonsense like the above. I'd guess, with all due respect, that for the majority of well-read liberals roundabout these parts, the simply fact of a Mapes response seemingly on substance will be enough. This will be how they think about it now.

If this gets covered, of course. It's not a hot story anymore. Will it make its way in via The Nation? Kos? Book readings? Solemn gatherings at houses of worship?