Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why I Am A Conservative or Am I?

From Powerline today, in a recommendation of a book concerning the Iranian hostage episode:

"Given his position with the student group, Bowden surmises that (current Iranian president) Ahmadinejad was one of its ringleaders. Moreover, he was identified as one of the group's ringleaders by every one of the dozen or so hostage takers Bowden interviewed in Tehran... Thus Iran not only presents one of the greatest threats to American security in the world. The United States has a debt of honor to settle with its odious president."

"Hm," I go. Do we? Or would that be playing the part of a still-pissed-at-the-Colonies, powder-boy poofta member of the House of Lords in 1817? Could be. On the other hand, perhaps it's more like this guy.

If I don't turn back, I'll try to land at least somewhere in between the two possibilities. That'd be okay. Some of those dessicated, gap-toothed landed royals aren't such bad guys I'll bet! (But I kid the landed monarchy, of course.)