Paul From Minneapolis

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Remember The Titanic Sinking?

Slipping, in spite of its great bulk, into the sea, surrounded by former passengers bobbing in the cold water and going, “What the hell!?”

Just rename the ship the “S.S. Paul Krugman Credibility,” and you’ll see the combined effect of Friday’s column and the problems with it.

Okay, Donald Luskin really, really doesn’t like Krugman. But I don’t think he’s exaggerating here. Krugman trumpets an Ohio Republican scandal from his national perch, and it’s actually at least as much a Democratic party scandal. If not more.

This is not a matter of interpretation. Just facts. Amazing!

And as Luskin says, the importance of this is not the scandal. These things happen. It’s in the perfect illustration the mistake provides of how hatred produces this kind of blind stupidity.

Krugman supporters: I will not pull you into my boat until you at least acknowledge you are in the water. That is, until you at least ponder the possibility that this kind of rage might have had an effect on a lot of the man’s writing.