Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Small Contribution to the Bolton Situation

Many have commented that Bolton’s harshness, if that’s what he’s actually like, may be exactly what the UN needs. If, that is, you perceive the UN the way conservatives do.

More generally: whatever happens to this particular nomination, I think the Democrats and the left keep digging themselves into a trap. They keep decrying attitudes toward the surprisingly cruel world that more and more Americans (and others, given small indications) are gradually coming to support.

Quick overlapping list: tough love, meanness-even-harshness, no-bullshit truth when someone or some group (outside the U.S. and Britain, of course) is just flat-out reprehensible and deserving of a nice hard slam. It’s not just that these things actually work sometimes. It’s they turn out to be not so horrifying or soul-destroying in practice as the left evidently believes them to be.

Plus of course, conservatives have a sweet side too. (I’ll find a link to support that statement at some point.)