Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, April 25, 2005

First Communion Thoughts

Catholic variety, that is, the purpose of a trip to Wisconsin this weekend. A whole bunch of little girls of identical height in white dresses and flowered headpieces, tiny brides of Christ evidently. Which is wonderful, fine, I know many females who’ve passed throught the ritual. To an insistent secularist, it would be grotesque, I suppose. But the girls all seemed delighted. My friend Melissa says the only meaning it had for her was she got to dress up like a princess.

Yesterday, niece Hannah took her first sip of Communion wine – the literal blood of Christ, in the Catholic tradition – and made a fantastic “bleech!!” face on the way back to her seat. All caught on video too!

It’s a different scene for the guys. Throw on a sport coat or a clean shirt and stroll over to the church, was the feeling I got from a few of them. “Mom, Dad, I’ll be back by three. Got this First Communion thing this afternoon. Let me know what Vijay does on the front nine.”