Paul From Minneapolis

Friday, April 22, 2005

Eason Jordan Resigns!

Okay, it happened a long time ago, it's yesterday' s forgotten history, but I've been mulling over his resignation statement, specifically a queer attribute I never saw anyone talk about it. Bring yourself back in time:

"I have decided to resign in an effort to prevent CNN from being unfairly tarnished by the controversy over conflicting accounts of my recent remarks regarding the alarming number of journalists killed in Iraq."

That is simply the strangest sentence.

Try as I might, I can't quite piece together the nature of the controversy he refers to here - that 'controversy over the conflicting accounts.' "There are not conflicting accounts." "Confound it yes there are, you bounder!"

See, I think what he actually meant is that that CNN might be tarnished by the conflicting accounts, not the controversy over the conflicting accounts. I mean, if you remove the word "controversy" you don't remove any clarity from the point. In fact, I believe you actually add a little bit of clarity, and I hope Mr. Jordan would appreciate my help here.

Unfortunately, the clarity you add is in the sense that it becomes clarified what he was proposing we should accept. That being: he, Eason Jordan, was absolutely as helpless as anyone, more helpless, when it came to clearing up the conflicting accounts of what Eason Jordan had said. So he resigned. He smiled a thin smile, more to himself than anyone, and walked away. It was the only noble thing to do.