Paul From Minneapolis

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Grow More Em-pissed

On the Strib web site yesterday, a non-bylined AP article:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Insurgents exploded two car bombs in a Baghdad market and two more in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Sunday, killing a total of 21 Iraqis and wounding 73 in one of the bloodiest days since Iraq's historic elections.

The anti-coalition forces have grown more emboldened in the past week...

Emboldened? You’re sure? You've determined their emotional state to that degree? They've allowed you access to their journals and rap sessions? Conversations with their therapists have convinced you it can be reported as simple fact that the insurgents are - going by synonyms for emboldened - "heartened" and “bolstered” and “vitalized?” Even perhaps as much as "buoyed up?"

Okay then. I will leave aside my suspicion that they are actually panicky, depressed and spastically oppositional.

(This isn’t likely to mean much to anyone who doesn’t see the media like I do, these tiny mosquito bites of nonsense each day. The no-see-um swarms spreading a non-lethal but dry-heaves-inducing infection of “hey wait a minute.” It’s gotten so that it de-emboldens me.)