Paul From Minneapolis

Saturday, April 23, 2005

On The Road Again

In Tomah, Wisconsin, on a cold and windy April 23rd Saturday morning. (Happy birthday old pal Jack, not to mention Shakespeare and Nabokov.) I'm working on the AmericInn computer, right next to the pool.

Checked out Instapundit, and was directed to this article in The Economist, which I can't figure out how to turn into a link inside a word like I do at home so here it is:

It's about a speech by R. Murdoch, discussing the quickly-fading role of daily newspapers in the face of the popularly-generated electronic media. Here's a nice bit on"today's digital natives:"

They are at once less likely to write a traditional letter to the editor, and more likely to post a response on the web—and then to carry on the discussion. A letters page pre-selected by an editor makes no sense to them; spotting the best responses using the spontaneous voting systems of the internet does.

I think about the Strib editorial page staff; and simultaneously about your typical dinosaur way back when, a wandering muttaburrasaurus or quetsalcoatlus, munching on some kind of tastelss swamp-crud maybe a week or two before Complete Extinction: did he also combine total unawareness of his fate with insufferable pomposity?

Update: In the excerpt from The Economist, note how the words "internet" and "web" are not graced with upper-case first letters. Good. To me it's always made as little sense to capitalize those words as it would be to do so with "telephone." Or "newspaper."