Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Stalking Harry Shearer

At least, that’s how he probably sees it.

One current advantage of the Huffington Post for a guy like me stems, oddly, from the proprietors' bizarre, Victorian attitude toward the “comments” option. Many posts don’t allow comments. For those that do, there’s a system of having someone (Arianna?) read every comment before it appears for the public’s edification.

It’s quite a rickety process. You offer a comment, and it can be hours – I’m not kidding – before it appears.

So what this has done is severely cut down on the number of people commenting.

I saw a Gary Hart post that allowed for comments but had yet to attract any. So here you are, with a former Senator and major presidential candidate, the world-famous philanderer philosopher himself saying something in public and specifically inviting people to respond: and nobody can think of anything to say. Not a word.

So, anyway, that's the advantage: I can say something to Harry Shearer – who strikes me like he must be sort of a decent follow, I must say – and he will probably actually read it.

Consequently I’m in here, down a ways, and then today I’m in here.

It’s my hunger for sanity, and a connection. I must continue on.