Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Strib Misses With A Haymaker

I always thought I was the only person who was correct in every particular along the way during this whole Iraq deal, going back years. Turns out I was wrong. It’s the Star Tribune editorial staff that holds that title.

That’s why they've been assigned the duty and privilege to rise on high above us all – do you see them up there? See their legs wiggling? – and call us all second-degree murderers.

There has been no possible justification for this war, the editors have been clearly right all along, there should be no debate, and there has long been no logical reason for the existence of all these people who disagree with them on anything important.

Not to say that they’ve forgotten the elusive goal of national unity on this Memorial Day. The depth of disgrace into which our nation has fallen by dint of the evil leaders and those who abetted them (hey...) means that the bitter finger of shameful responsibility points even at themselves: they failed in their unyielding truth-knowing-and-telling. They didn’t stop us, God help them.

Still, we're lucky to have them around.

Incidentally, guys, talking to the editors here, you have from time to time proclaimed yourselves interested in a decent outcome in Iraq. Assuming that's true - and it must be, because you never lie and you're always right - then I have to ask: okay, granted, there have been too many terrible events. Disaster may loom. So is it helpful to rush on stage and rend your garments like this? Moaning and weeping about the disaster befalling us? You're typecasting yourself! Calm down!