Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Disease of Conceit

The point isn’t that Bill Maher’s show should be cancelled.

The point is that he’s a disgusting person who has a TV show. (Tear out page one.) Or, to be more generous like we all must remind myself ourselves to attempt, a funny person who can’t stop himself from saying disgusting things; in this case, in the context of talking about recruitment problems, tarring all soldiers with the statement, “We’ve done picked all the low-lying Lynndie England fruit.” And then refusing to apologize. In fact, perceiving it to be absurd that he should consider it.

You get the sense it’s the refusal to apologize that’s the biggest kick of all for him.

They all agree with him over at the HP, of course. They rush over like bluegills sensing a grub worm to do so. And so again: the problem the left doesn’t see about itself.

Update: Here’s the show transcript. The comment’s way at the bottom, after the worshipful session with Gore Vidal and others. It’s not out of context. He makes a point that doesn’t depend on the tarring, but the tarring is unavoidably there.