Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, May 23, 2005

A Clarification

Of this: When I say I'm going to "revisit" something "tomorrow," I invariably do. But I don't necessarily come up with anything to say for public purposes.

And when I say "public," what I mean is "Steve and Todd" and a couple other folks who may occasionally read this. But Steve and Todd are my preferred public right now.

That dawning awareness has made me quieter, for the moment.

My main message for Steve and Todd has to do with how the left doesn't think things through, how it has developed an allergic reaction to investigating its own perceptions and rules, and treats other points of view with respect and balance only when tapped on the forehead repeatedly. Yet tapping repeatedly can get old, for both of us, and I don't want to overwhelm them with small but clarifying examples of their heroes' intellectual perfidy unless I, myself, really know what I'm saying and why I'm saying it. And then saying it short and tender, if possible, not always just stern which can come across pompous. So there's no harm in slowing down sometimes.

My prolificness is on simmer for another reason, too.

Lately there's been a hailstorm of left perfidy. Like the aluminum siding on my house, my psyche is dented. I’m fixated yet it's more than a little depressing. And to be quite frank, one begins to wonder if a life spent obsessing on Jim Lampley or some pychotic Kos poster is a fully examined life.

Maybe that's Jim Lampley's goal: make it so that enough of us will just say to hell with it, take the world. It's yours. I'm going fishing.

Which is also something like the strategy of the spastic resistance in Iraq, but that's a coincidence.