Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This Man Is Insane

I engaged a coworker on the problems with hip-hop and rap, their tendency (as I see it) to celebrate disgusting social attitudes and (the times I've noticed) a self-victimizing, counterproductive political stance.

She assured me that not all practitioners are that way, only the "commercialized" rap promoted by "white people." I stormed off briefly, but stormed back in time to hear her mention favorably "A Tribe Called Quest."

I'd heard of the band. It's kind of a cool name. Curious, open to a new perspective on the politics of hiphop and rap, I Googled them, and selected a site on the first page. A fan site, I think. Couldn't pick up much from it. So I followed a political link, and then another.

That's the guy I'm claiming is insane. He believes the national sports media hates Tiger Woods and wants him to fail. I disagree so strongly that either he's insane or I am.

Here's a sentence, as he explains Tiger's overwhelmingness, which has led to this hatred:

"Phil Nickleson gained popular sympathy as the “unlucky loser” (before he finally won one last year) because Tiger beat him so often. "

Phil Nickleson?