Paul From Minneapolis

Saturday, May 07, 2005

High Kwality Thinkin' at the Strib

From a Star-Trib thing called “Shortcuts,” a regular feature of brief items compiled by “the editorial staff.”

Discussing his plan for personal retirement accounts in Social Security last week, President Bush said that Americans who worry about volatility in the stock market would have the option, under his proposal, to invest their accounts in safe Treasury bonds. Of course, the president said three weeks ago that Treasury bonds held in the Social Security trust fund are nothing but "IOUs."

That's the comment in its entirety.

I’m not going to argue in factor of private accounts. My thought has to do only with the capacity for argumentation on display here on the part of the Strib editorial staff. Specifically, how the fact they think they’ve made some kind of telling, even stunning point is the only telling, even stunning thing about it.

But I’ll return to it tomorrow.