Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Let’s Take A Look at Bobby Fischer’s Proposal

“Sitting in the first-class cabin whisking him away from nine months' detention in Japan, chess icon Bobby Fischer launched a rambling diatribe against the United States on Thursday , calling it "an illegitimate country" that should be given back to Indians.”

Clearly, all Bobby Fischer is doing is voicing a rigorous version of the basic idea animating the far left, that being the deep flaws that define the United States of America, beginning with the original sins of slavery and the white man’s treatment of Indians.

And the program Fischer recommends – that the land should be given back to the Indians – has several features to recommend it, mainly that doing so would finalize discussion of just what we in fact owe the indigenous people we decimated. It would be very nice to move on.

But what do we do with the non-Indian people currently in America? That’s the problem. One option would be to kill them all, or us all I should say. A few hands may raise on that possibility, but you have to remember there are complications: any liberal program, even the most straightforward, can founder on the thorny details of implementation. Like, obviously, non-Indian, non-white people brought here by white people against their will are certainly exempt from being killed. I mean decency counts for something.

And of course even us white people, do you really want to kill us all? I think not. Right? Heh heh. But happily there is another solution: back to Europe with us. All of us, no exceptions.

Here we come Europe! Where do we park?