Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm Paul. I'm from Minneapolis. This is my story.

Or a little bit of it anyway. I spent the weekend in Wisconsin, for a surprise birthday party for my wife's brother, who shall remain nameless. He’s fifty, so really: someone should get around to naming him. But we all had a fantastic time in spite of it.

Anyway, it seems there are now scattered relatives, wife category, aware of and reading these jottings when they can think of nothing better to do. Meaning hypothetically at least, my readership has expanded again.

Like the “Uncle Norm” who leaves a surprisingly aggressive poem-comment on the post below. Very amusing, Norm. So let me explain: I write notes in longhand, and chaos follows in my wake. I won't deny it. And the harder I try, the worse it gets!

Or Uncle Larry, who is somewhat Republican-ey, it’s fair to conjecture. I sent him the link a few months ago and never heard back. So now here he was describing his perceptions of me to a grouping of aunts: “Well, I always assumed this guy was basically a pretty liberal thinker, but then I see wow! This guy is waay right!”

Oh am I. So: I sense a renewed responsibility to be purposeful and clear, or at least less slapdash and even irritating. Thus I believe I’m going to write something explaining my ‘basic perspective.’ It can’t be too long. But it would be a good idea.

In the meantime, this recent post hints at what drives me, like Tiger Woods is consumed with surpassing Nicklaus. The “Strib,” for the uninitiated, is the Star-Tribune, Newspaper of the Twin Cities, where the editorial page is managed by berserkers.

Then this, not by me, has taken on a basic reference role. It’s long. It’s not 100% correct. Like I’ve said before, it’s just a turn of the kaleidoscope on who has power and who abuses it. (Hint: it's not me. Unless abusive penmanship counts.)

Now it’s back to my life, which for the foreseeable future will involve nothing at all but a search for a replacement humidifier belt, furnace drum type, suitable for an Autoflo #2500 or #200P or even, if you can believe it, #200EP.

Update: Got the belt. Found a business called "Grainger" that supplies things like that. A friendly, intrigued and stubborn 800-number woman had to search for ten minutes on her computer. (There are, I believe, three of us in the Twin Cities still relying on what is evidently the Model-T of furnace humidifiers.) And, they have a warehouse with a retail sideline just minutes south of me. And, they were able through electronics to guarantee the part would be waiting for me, which it was and there was no line, and they were cheap (I bought two). And - they sell Airflo products and are committed to having this very belt, furnace drum type and all, for 15 years at least!

To make a long story short, that should have been shorter. But there you have it.

Oh: one of the links was screwed up - mistakes were made - but now it's fixed.