Paul From Minneapolis

Friday, February 03, 2006

Today's CNN poll easily the most boring one I have ever seen: “Has your computer ever been affected by a worm or virus?” - “Yes, severely.” Yes, but it wasn’t too bad.” “No.” With the answers distributed like you might think.

Why in God’s name am I supposed to care about this? I don’t work for an anti-virus company’s market research division. Do I? It’s exactly as interesting as “Have you ever had an alternator go out on you”” or “Have you ever had shower grout that became stained sooner than it should have” or “How frequently does your kitchen light fixture become littered with dead moths?” In fact that last one is more interesting to me. Does this happen to other people? Do they clean them out? Or if I asked them if their light fixtures ever became filled with dead moths would they say yes, but it wasn’t too bad? (That’s my attitude.)