Paul From Minneapolis

Friday, February 03, 2006

"Mr. Boehner... paging Mr. Boehner...."

(Haven't yet seen a handy phonetic pronunciation guide in this specific case, is the point.)

I suppose they call him "Congressman Boehner" though. The Honorable Mr. Boehner? That's good. Could do a movie - "Mr. Boehner Goes to Washington." That'd work. "Let us all rise to applaud the fine work of Mr. Boehner." That would be toward the end of course.

Update: At New Repubic online today: "Boehner: Disaster for Dems?"

Update 2: John Boehner is the new House majority leader in case you're a normal person and don't know. "John 'Dick' Boehner" is the only name-hint I've seen, which make no sense at all.)