Paul From Minneapolis

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is there a chance there is some slight philosophical movement or awakening?

(Note: An aggressive friend has pointed out a typo pleasing to him. I'm leaving it. I like it.)

Jonah Goldberg visits Madison (via Ann A.) and maybe I’m being optimistic and I wasn’t there. But I sense from this kind of grudging respectful coverage (here and other cases) there’s a chance that "willingness to listen to conservatives" could become a new outré. It seems like it would offer a natural cool to stake a clam to Ann Coulter, say.

It’s the left’s Achilles Heel: in the contexts in which it rules, it is the Dogma. The generalized (as in not universal, but frequent and subtly omnipresent) insistence that there is NOTHING to be found in the anti-Dogma is crushingly silly, almost by definition, and in fact the very concept of pure correctness existing only on one side is antithetical to what they say they stand for.

So they’re teetering whether they know it or not. And this is something that goes beyond elections and such.

The most closed and defended of them are still beyond approach, of course. The point is to scrape away at the margins. Then, one day, maybe, even the hardest of the hard-core, the Kos Kids of All Ages, the Ritualized Condemners all over, will be hit by a blazing sunbeam emerging from behind clouds like a scene out of Bonanza and cry: "Forgive us oh Lord, we are acting like complete idiots!"

Hint: It relates to Ann Coulter and items some might find it rewarding to affix to her an unorthodox manner.