Paul From Minneapolis

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


For those irritated at my descriptions of Ted yesterday (and I don't know that there are any): there's yet another update to the post.


I wonder sometimes if it says anything about liberalism that its main iconic family can be fairly charged with starting our major Viet Nam involvement, attempting to assassinate foreign leaders (using Mob ties), and sharing sexmates with said Mob ties. Among other things.

Because the first two in that list are iconic in themselves: Viet Nam and covert acts against foreign leaders are both way high up on the America's Sins list. And Kennedys are neck-deep in them.

A willingness to focus on myth and words rather than reality and actions? A tendency to believe that words and the right feel are really what matter?

They'd probably point out similar inconsistencies in conservative heroes.

I do still maintain that RFK's assassination was a low point in recent American history, though. And as can be overlooked, it was also our first direct run-in with Islamic terror's basic message of "Pay attention to meeee!"