Paul From Minneapolis

Monday, January 30, 2006

I Can't Find Any Good Photos From Night of the Living Dead

Which means I can't really do a post I was musing about concerning Howard Dean's approach to fundraising and organizing the base, as described and defended here by the great and powerful Kos himself.

For some reason I first saw that post in what's called "Ted Kennedy's Diary." It's still there, down from the top now.

Interesting spot. I see a bunch of stuff not written by Ted Kennedy, on a quick check. Exclusively. So I don't get the "Ted Kennedy's Diary" nomenclature. Are these items Ted Kennedy likes? Things it seems he might like? When he himself writes in his Diary, is it all material that needs to be deleted immediately?

Update: I first entered that dizzying Kos world today via an article by Ted himself, concerning Alito. That link does not direct one to Ted Kennedy's Diary. However it does include a link to the aforementioned Ted Kennedy's Diary which seems, now that I examine more carefully, simply to be the regular old front page of The Daily Kos, with Kennedy's name incorporated into the link.

I think of Ted Kennedy as existing in a heartbroken, why-can't-I-drink-again fog. I assume his staff leads him around like an aging once-grand Neapolitan Mastiff; I assume his staff consists of Kos-folk. Maybe they get to tell him he has a Diary and he thinks it's cool.

Update 2: Or I'm missing how it all works. Is there a grand revolution developing and I'm a square? Do I know something's happening here and I don't know what it is, do I Mister Me? That'd sure suck. Especially if I'm a pathetic, out-of-it losersaurus as compared to Ted Kennedy. Ouch!

Update 3: I refer to TK as existing in a "heartbroken, why-can't-I-drink-again fog." I've received no complaints but I got to considering.

When I say "heartbroken," I don't mean simply because he can't drink, although that's by no means excluded. I mean heartbroken for all the reasons one could muster when looking back at his life. Some empathy is due - of course. Really weird parents, for one thing. How many of us have - as one of our last memories of a lucid father - watching his withered elderly hands as they grope a bare-chested hooker at one more Rose-free Hyannis Port gathering?

(I'll have to find the cite for that.)