Paul From Minneapolis

Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm Gone

Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track. One of those situations where someone left a steam locomotive untended on a slight incline and now it's rolling down the track toward the company president's parked El Dorado.

In the world of viral marketing my own little virus is still deep in the jungle, making its way from monkey to monkey. Nevertheless, I have reason to suspect there are a couple more monkeys dimly aware of my existence.

This post I like, or suspect may be useful if you give a rat's ass. (Wouldn't that be an interesting currency.) And this one. And the stuff under "these are okay" on the right. They're kicking me off the compu -

Update: The "they" kicking off the computer were the librarians in a tiny town in far southern Wisconsin. My allotted 30 minutes were gone; the next blogger was waiting. I realized I hadn't made that clear.

Now I'm definitely gone, for real this time, since the only computer available belongs to my mother-in-law; her already painfully slow dial-up is further bogged down by an endless stream of pop-ups offering on-line gambling opportunities - like the one that just arrived from (Was it really such a good idea to get her this computer? I have to wonder.)