Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm Gone, I'm Gooo...oone...

Nothing's gonna bring me back. Unless it's my car tomorrow. But other than that, seriously, nothing.

Where to? To where the water tastes just like wine, except in this case it may be the opposite of that, unfortunately, and be true about the beer as well. I'm going to spend a night at Grand Casino Milles Lacs. I'll be scoping out small-town banks to finance my addiction by tomorrow night, I'm sure.

Update: The joke's on me: Grand Casino Milles Lacs is an entirely dry facility! So the wine tasted not like water but like grape juice, which is what it was, labeled "non-alcoholic Merlot." Very good grape juice, granted. But one wonders if we've reached the stage we can begin calling any random dark-ish liquid "non-alcoholic Merlot." Diet Coke. Motor oil. Either of those could give the grape juice I was handed a run for its money in the "It tastes exactly like fine Merlot" competition.

The steak was good, though we were the only two in the fine restaurant: gee, I wonder why. Hello? Marketing? Anybody home?

Update 2: I should clarify, we had a wonderful time last evening in spite of the dry nature of dinner at the casino, operated by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. (I may look into who decides these things and why; I'd be curious). As my mental health therapist wife remarked later, I definitely went to my "wise mind" in accepting reality, that no liquor would be accompanying the meal. I achieved this wisdom by accepting and embracing yet another reality, that being the champagne we had back in the room. Could they hold our table for 15 minutes? Um, yes. They could.