Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Andrew McCarthy Comes Out Swinging on Able Danger

"The entire American intelligence community has been restructured in accordance with the 9/11 Commission's conclusion that, as previously configured, it was incapable of ferreting out a suicide-hijacking plot two years in the making. It now appears that the community may have been quite capable of sniffing out the plot (or, at the very least, identifying the plotters) but was unable to get the information into the right hands because of a government ethos predominant throughout the 1990s — an ethos that elevated the supposed civil rights of aliens, even alien terrorists, over the national-security needs of the American people."

I perceive Andrew McCarthy (not the actor) as someone who doesn't engage in this kind of emphatics unless he's pretty sure of himself. The story called Able Danger has been simmering for a while. He seems to have crossed some kind of internal failsafe point.

Do check out that McCarthy bio if you're at all curious. Fascinating guy. For any liberal-ish readers, try not to let the idea of Defending Democracies, and a Foundation actually devoted to it, send you running. I know, it's creepy, but have some courage.