Paul From Minneapolis

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not So Funny Girl

Not so lots of other things, too. Barbra Streisand writes a letter to the LA Times:

"So although the number of contributors to your Op-Ed pages may have increased, in firing Scheer and hiring columnists such as Jonah Goldberg, the gamut of voices has undeniably been diluted. "

But - but - but - but - but - okay. Barbra, as Jonah G says: Robert Scheer didn't chellenge your own views. He did not require you to "stretch beyond your own paradigm," as you assure us all people in Los Angeles "desire" to do. Jonah Goldberg does do that. So from your own perspective, isn't your point simply, well, paradigm-constrained? Not to say stupid?

(The link above is to Jonah G's NRO Corner post that contains her letter; here's the original at the Times, which requires registration.)