Paul From Minneapolis

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do you we believe we should legalize polygamy?

So far today I've asked two co-workers that question, and the responses started with "Of course not" and moved on to "Good God no!"

If you fall into that instinctual range somewhere, then much-hated conservative Strib columnist Katherine Kersten says something worth listening to today. Katherine’s offerings often are not shall we say impregnably well-argued, but this one isn’t too bad.

It concerns gay marriage. It relates to the derided conservative perspective that legalizing gay marriage may lead to other societal changes.

Did you catch HBO's new prime-time series, "Big Love," which premiered Sunday? It's about a Utah man married to three wives.
The creators of "Big Love" are a gay couple, Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer, who say that the same-sex marriage debate spurred their interest in the topic.
They seek to normalize polygamy by treating it in a "non-judgmental" way.
"It's everything that every family faces, just times three," Olsen told Newsweek. "We'd like them to be America's next great family," Scheffer told the New York Times.

There are legal implications she touches on, too. Mr. and Mr. Olsen-Scheffer's series is not the only topic.

How many liberals upon reading this and considering the argument will decide hey – maybe polygamy isn’t so bad after all? When you think about it, it does offer a chance for their favorite indulgence. In fact it’s a moral imperative: when in doubt, tolerate.

I'm betting reader Steve will have something to say on this.