Paul From Minneapolis

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have learned something

Most women don't like looking at big photos of urinals. I guess that shouldn't be surprising to me. But they shy away. When prompted to "enlarge" an already large photo, of a urinal that is, many do not.

Men seem more at ease with the topic. I've been encouraged to go with even more photos of urinals, if possible. Would it be viable to have an entire site of wry urinal-based humor? Of course it would. We are entering a new world of pure freedom because of the internet, says the formidable John Perry Barlow, who is evidently out of jail. (If in fact he was ever in jail; see the link over there on the right under "These are okay.")

Whatever's the case, I'm glad to see John Perry Barlow back in the game. Hadn't seen him in a while. He used to be a very occasional Grateful Dead lyricist, see. A good friend of Bob Weir. A hippie cowboy sort then; a globe-trotting visionary (I take it) now. Still a stoner. Freak freely, my friend.

He does worry about the abundance of "really cheesy porn" on the internet and perhaps urinals would fit that category. Still I wonder: when he refers to really cheesy porn, is he claiming that internet porn specifically is overwhelmingly really cheesy, in marked contrast to more subtle forms that came previously? Or is he assuring us that all porn is really cheesy - we should have no doubt whatsoever that this is how John Perry Barlow feels about the matter?

So either he's firmly and clearheadedly opposed to any porn, unafraid to declare all of it really cheesy; or he's an opinionated and disappointed porn afficionado. (Writing can be so tricky.)